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No matter what type of food service business you own, one of the essential pieces of equipment required is a trusty, efficient meat grinder.  At Talis Equipment, we specialize in high quality, durable food service equipment such as dough mixers, meat slicers, portion scales and meat grinders.  Whatever the size or type of food service business you run, you will be sure to find quality equipment to get the job done at our site.


Durability Matters at Talis


One of the reasons that we have earned a great reputation in the industry is that our equipment is not only built with high quality materials, but it is also built to last.  While there is plenty of inferior equipment available for sale on the web, we make sure to always sell top brands with a track record of quality engineering and efficiency.  This is why we are happy to offer brand names such as Berkel meat grinders and Torrey meat grinders.  With a track record for performing in some of the toughest kitchen and counter environments, these two names are standard fare in the food service industry.


Meat Grinders to Meet Your Needs


No matter what type of business you are running, we have the meat grinders to help you be productive.  Our meat grinders come in a wide assortment of sizes with heads as small as 12 for light duty to heads as large as 32 for institutional use.  This is why, many businesses that visit our site are extremely satisfied- we offer a huge selection to choose from, which means that a business can purchase an item that offers a perfect fit for their needs.  Besides a great fit, you should also know that our meat grinders are extremely durable and offer a great return on investment.  These meat grinders are built for businesses to use for the many years to come, making it well worth their while.


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At Talis Equipment, you will not only find quality meat grinders to choose from, but so much more.  In fact, no matter what your business needs are, we stock the right food service equipment to get the job done.  We feature meat slicers, portion scales, dough mixers and accessories such as vacuum bags.  Browse our site today to view our many items and realize just how much value we offer.  Plus, at Talis, you can always count on great customer service.


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Featured Article:


The Importance of a Durable Berkel or Torrey Meat Grinder


[Posted on February 21st, 2013]


Reasons for Choosing Durable Berkel or Torrey Meat Grinders


A Worthwhile Investment in Efficiency
A Berkel or Torrey Meat Grinder will come in stainless steel, with a powerful motor designed to last for a long time. While there are lots of affordable meat grinders in the market, not all can meet the high demands of commercial environments quite like Berkel or Torrey meat grinders can. These are high capacity grinders that can accomplish large jobs in a faster time than small capacity grinders. They allow employers to be more efficient by finishing their tasks in a faster time.


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