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At Talis Equipment we carry a large variety of the world’s best portion scales. Whether you need a digital portion scale or a rugged mechanical or spring portion scale, we’ve got the right scale for you. AveryBerkel portion scales come in different sizes and capacities to meet any portion control needs you may have. Please browse the many different portion scales and choose from a myriad of options to go along with them. For example many of our portion scales can be purchased with such options as a touchless ‘zero’ feature or various display mounting brackets and options. From 6 lbs to 15 lbs and beyond, we’ve got the right portion scale for you.


If you’re shopping for your restaurant, you may also consider a receiving scale to verify food shipment quantities. Or if you have a deli, you may also be ready for a new meat slicer. Or perhaps, you own a bakery and need to replace your dough mixer. Talis Equipment has a wide variety of food processing, weighing, and packaging equipment for your food service or food retail needs.


Averyberkel portion scales are sturdy for most tough kitchen environments yet affordable for your budget. With a portion scale, you’re sure to get the right ingredients in your recipe every time, not to mention the food costs savings when used in a sandwich, pizza, dough, or other application. Easy to use and ready right out of the box, AverBerkel portion scales are perfect for any kitchen, bakery, deli, restaurant, or even the house. Many homeowners use portion scales in the kitchen to check ingredients, or prepare that perfect dish the same way every time. Just browse our site to find the right portion scale for your needs and your budget. We’re sure there’s at least one that will be the perfect fit!


Please click here to view our Portion Scales now.



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A Portion Scale Will Save You Money


[Posted on Jan 20]


Nothing can turn customers off of visiting your restaurant more quickly than small portion sizes. Customers love to feel like they are getting a value, but when they leave your restaurant feeling like they barely got enough to eat, they will have a bad taste in their mouth. On the other hand, you may be inclined to keep tight control on portion sizes. After all, if your customer paid for a 10 ounce steak, you will lose money by giving him a 12 ounce steak. When you use a Portion Scale, you can easily monitor and control portion sizes that are served to your customers to ensure they are happy and your bottom line does not suffer.


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