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At Talis Equipment, we are known for high quality, durable food service equipment.  This is the reason why many businesses trust Talis with their equipment needs.  While we offer plenty of items including dough mixers, meat slicers, scales and more, you should know that another important line of items we focus on are our professional meat grinders.


Professional Meat Grinders at Talis


At our site, you will find quality professional meat grinders to fit just about any business need.  We offer plenty of grinders to choose from, so whether you run a small deli, restaurant, supermarket or require equipment for institutional use, you will find the items you need here at our site.  We stock both Berkel and Torrey professional meat grinders.  And for those that require a grinder for smaller jobs, you may be interested in the Berkel grinder with the No. 2 head.  This grinder is perfect for smaller jobs and offers plenty of value.  For those that require plenty of grinding definitely check out our many Torrey grinders.  Our Torrey grinders come with heads ranging from No.12 all the way up to No.32.  You will also find that our grinders also come with different size motors making it easier to get the job done.  Our large Torrey Model M-32 offers a 3 hp motor and a grinding capacity of 1740 lbs per hour, so no matter what your needs are; you will find that they will be covered here at Talis.


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Talis Equipment always has its clients in mind when it comes to offering quality, durable equipment.  Not only do we offer a large selection to choose from, but our professional meat grinders and other equipment are built to last for the many years to come.  When you purchase equipment from Talis, you can be sure that not only are you receiving equipment that is efficient and quality built, but also a great investment that won’t cost you a lot of money and energy to buy, operate and maintain.  This is the Talis difference.


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Now is the time to browse our site and view the many food service items we offer including our professional meat grinders.  Besides quality equipment, you will always find top notch customer service and plenty of value that makes purchasing your equipment from Talis always a great choice.  Browse our site today and as always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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Training Employees to Properly and Safely Use a Professional Meat Grinder


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Before any in depth safety training takes place, every employee should know the basics of working with a Professional meat grinder, so that employees can efficiently and safely do their job. This means learning how to clean, use, and disassemble the machine in the proper way. If employees do not receive and practice safe operating procedures, they risk serious injuries. On-the-job injuries can quickly become a legal and financial burden to an employer; so thorough safety training is well worth the cost.


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